The first week pregnant

You are now between 0 and 1 weeks pregnant. Read everything about your body, what happens (possibly) in your womb and practical matters that can be important to you right now. You are not pregnant yet, but officially this is your first pregnancy week. In fact, you are not pregnant in the first two weeks of your pregnancy. The first two weeks you get free, as it were. How is that? Most babies are  born about 38 weeks after fertilization of the egg (conception). But it is customary to also count the period from menstruation to fertilization in a pregnancy. If you also count these two weeks, you arrive at a total of about 40 weeks of marijuana pregnancy side effects.

The first week pregnant:

This is the first week after your period. There is not much happening this week. If you have a  regular cycle , you have ovulation next week. Now you are not pregnant yet, but this week is counted as the first week of your pregnancy. To summarize: to calculate as accurately as possible when your baby will be born is not based on the moment of conception (you never know exactly when it is), but from the first day of your last menstruation. The growth from a fertilized egg to a full-term child takes about 38 weeks. By taking the first day of your last menstruation and adding 40 weeks to it, you can calculate when your child will come about. It is, of course, only an estimate. It is also possible that your child comes two weeks before the due date, or two weeks after.

Ripening egg cell

The first phase of your menstrual cycle begins with the first day of your period and continues until you ovulate. In this phase, your body makes hormones that stimulate ovulation. By ovulation, we mean that the egg is ‘jumping’, ie the ovum is released. The mature egg is collected by the fallopian tube. If the egg is reached at that moment by a sperm cell , you can become pregnant. After fertilization the fertilized egg finds a place in the uterine lining, also called cervical mucus, built up by the hormones, in the uterine cavity. This is the implantation called. If the egg cell is not fertilized or if no proper implantation takes place, the mucosa is broken down in your uterus and, together with the egg, drained via your vagina: the menstruation.

The first week pregnant: 

From the moment you want to become pregnant, it is wise to already observe a number of health rules. After all, you never know when fertilization takes place. The sooner you start to live healthy, the better. And healthy in this case means that you  avoid alcohol and you stop smoking . This increases the chance of a reduced fertility. Many midwifery practices already give advice before you become pregnant. Useful if, for example, you want to know more about healthy and responsible nutrition. But also if you want more information about certain inherited diseases that occur in the family. Does your doctor want to prescribe your medication? Always tell him that you would like to become pregnant. Because medicines can also damage the unborn child. Knowing more? It is better to avoid these medicines if you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant.

Folic acid

If you have a desire to have children, it is recommended to start taking o, 5 mg folic acid already. This vitamin B is in brown bread, spinach, nuts, bananas, meat, fish and eggs, but you will not get enough of it if you need it now. That is why it is good to swallow supplements during your pregnancy. Folic acid is available without prescription in tablets of 0.4 mg and 0.5 mg. Consult the pharmacist or chemist if you are in doubt about the correct dosage. Also, check the package leaflet or the label that comes with the packaging. Do you know in advance that you want to become pregnant? Then start taking folic acid four weeks before conception. You can continue with folic acid until you are ten weeks pregnant; after that it is no longer necessary.

Why folic acid?

Folate significantly reduces the chance that your baby will be born with a severe disorder of the central nervous system, such as spina bifida ( open spine ), anencephaly ( open skull or “water on the brain) and  cleft lip (cleft lip). Research also shows that you can prevent miscarriage by swallowing folic acid.

No alcohol

If you are pregnant, every glass of alcohol is one too many. Very early in a pregnancy, there is no ‘communication’ between maternal blood vessels and a possibly fertilized egg. That is why alcohol cannot be added yet. But because you do not know exactly when you get pregnant, you can leave that wine better. Read more about alcohol during pregnancy here.

Wonderful animation about ovulation

Ovulation or ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary. This only happens once per menstrual cycle. In this animation, you can see exactly how that goes. If you think that a healthy lifestyle is only important for the fertility of women, then you are wrong. It is just as important that the man eats healthy and does not smoke.

To smoke

We do not have to tell you that smoking is unhealthy. Smoking affects the quality of sperm. Smoking men have fewer sperm cells and therefore less healthy sperm cells that are able to enter an egg cell.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs, like cigarettes, have a negative effect on the quality of the sperm. Men who regularly drink a beer or use drugs make fewer sperm cells. The quality of these cells is also less. When the drugs are completely out of the body, sperm production increases again.

Tight pants and underwear

The testicles or testicles do not hang outside the body for anything. The production of seed is optimal because it is 35 degrees in the testicles, 2 degrees cooler than the body temperature. It is therefore good to opt for wide boxer shorts and wide trousers so that the bag is sufficiently cooled.


Stress has a negative effect on the quality of sperm. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

Nutrition and movement

Did you know that vitamin C and zinc are important for the production of sperm? If a man receives too little vitamin C and zinc, the quality of the sperm is less. Therefore eat enough fruit, fresh vegetables, fish and meat. Overweight and underweight in men is also detrimental to sperm quality. Both the amount of sperm cells and their mobility is influenced by body weight. In addition, sufficient physical activity is important. Men with a child’s desire to avoid the sauna better. Due to the high temperature, the testicles also heat up. That is bad for sperm production. An electric blanket or lying in a hot bath for a long time is therefore not recommended.


Seated work has a negative effect on the temperature of the scrotum. Working with hazardous substances such as lead, pesticides or x-rays is also not good for the quality of sperm. Painters and growers form a risk group.

Sex in the morning

Do you want children? Then you can best make love in the morning. Sperm at that time contains the most sperm and thus the chance of a pregnancy is greater. A man should better not cum several times a day if he wants to become a father. The supply of mature sperm cells then shrinks, resulting in fewer sperm per sperm. Not enough cum is also not good for the quality of the sperm cells. It is best to get ready every three to five days.

Everything about sperm and the chance to get pregnant

A free party ends for a man often with ejaculation. During such ejaculation, the sperm leaves the body at a considerable speed and millions of sperm cells end up in the vagina. If you want to become pregnant, one of these sperm cells must fertilize the egg. A boy is born with sex cells. From puberty, the number of germ cells increases by cell division. These germ cells, spermicides, develop into sperm cells (spermatozoa) in the testicles. Whether seed has the right quality to ensure fertilization depends on the quantity, shape, and mobility of the sperm.

Composition of sperm

The largest part of sperm consists of seminal fluid, which is produced in the prostate. The seminal fluid mixes here with the sperm cells from the testes. There is also some slimy fluid, coming from two glands: the seminal vesicles. All this together forms the sperm that eventually comes out through the penis. Sperm is ‘syrupy’ and milky in color during ejaculation. Catch your sperm in a jar, then it becomes watery after an hour.

Sperm cells

A sperm cell has a head (with core), a middle part (mitochondria) a tail. The genetic material of the man is stored in the oval-shaped head. The length of the head is 5 microns (1/1000 millimeters) and the tail is 45 microns long. Not all sperm cells look the same. Some have a slightly different shape; a smaller or larger head, a curled tail or a thicker middle. These sperm cells with an abnormal shape can not fertilize the egg cell . Yet they occur in all men. In fact, about 70% of the sperm cells of fertile men have such an abnormal form. As long as at least 4% of the sperm cells are well formed, there is nothing to worry about.

The ejaculation, how about that?

When a man cums, he releases an average of 200 million sperm cells. And with a decent speed: about 45 kilometers per hour. The sperm cells that end up in the vagina lay down a route full of bends and obstacles. To end up with that one egg cell. A real competitive battle and not every sperm cell is just as strong and smart. Many sperm cells take the wrong turn, others are too weak and get stuck. Fortunately, only one sperm cell has to reach the egg cell in order to become pregnant. Sperm cells have a lot of time for this trip: under optimal conditions, sperm cells can survive for 48 to 72 hours in the woman’s body.

Fertility man

In order to reach one egg, a sperm cell must be strong and of good quality. The quality of the seed is determined by the number, the motility and the shape of the sperm cells. This does not mean that seed with less quality can not fertilize an egg. But the chance is smaller. In about 30% of couples who do not get pregnant within a year, the cause lies with the man. Often the man is fertile, but research shows that the quality of the sperm is not optimal. There are also other things that can affect the quality of the seed. In some cases, you have influence as a man yourself, by adjusting your lifestyle for example. These are a number of factors that can influence the quality of the seed:

The quality of the sperm decreases if there has been no ejaculation for more than ten days. But having a cumshot several times a day is not good either. Once every two to three days is perfect for the quality of the sperm.


A temperature around 35 degrees Celsius is ideal for the scrotum, two degrees cooler than the body temperature. The testicles or testicles do not hang outside the body for nothing. If it gets warmer, the quality of the sperm cells decreases. Sauna visits, long periods with a laptop on your lap or often and long in a hot bath, the quality of the sperm cells does not benefit. To cool the ball bag sufficiently, it is also good to wear wide boxer shorts and wide trousers instead of tight trousers.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs

Alcohol consumption can reduce the chance of a pregnancy. This applies not only to women, but also for men it is good not to consume too much alcohol. Preferably nothing at all. Drinking more than two glasses of alcohol a day can already have an influence on the sperm quality. Smoking or the use of drugs also has a negative influence. If you stop smoking as a man, it will take two to three months to get fertility back up.


Not only in women, but also in men, the biological clock continues. Although not as fast as with women, but sperm also has a best-before date. Around 35 e age of the sperm quality decreases already pretty. After his 45 th , the sperm of the man less agile, the ejaculations smaller and the number of abnormal sperm (slightly) bigger.

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